Yoga Classes

Classes in English

For beginners or those wanting to obtain a deeper understanding of yoga, get back into it or to establish a routine in a friendly uncompetitive environment.

Offering 90 minute classes

One hour of Hatha Yoga postures, incorporating awareness of breath in Vinyasa Flow style and breathing techniques followed by 30 minutes of yoga nidra, a form of deep guided relaxation & visualization meditation.

Classes are small & cosy

Other info

  • Postures are slow, steady & comfortable incorporating awareness & flow of breath. Students are not pushed beyond their limits. Getting to know ones own body is encouraged.
  • Although some dynamic elements are taught eg. sun salutations, this is NOT a hot/fast/power yoga class
  • Yoga mats & blankets are available for use
  • Wear comfortable clothes you can bend in
  • For your own comfort it’s better not to eat a big meal up to two hours before class begins
  • When starting to practice yoga, the postures may feel strange at first but with a little practice, learning a balance of effort & relaxed ease, your body will start to feel great in them, just like it does when you have a good stretch in the morning.


Trial lesson or drop in (please contact me before you come due to limited space) 10 Euro

A payment of 10 Euro per 90 minute class is then made at the beginning of each calendar month, according to how many classes you can attend that month.

Private lessons in your own home also available

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